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Fellow book lovers wanted!
All book lovers in the community will be meeting at city hall at the end of next month.
You are very welcome to join us!

Welcome to our site!

Thanks for stopping by to my little Cabanova site here! My name is Michelle (and the little sweetheart to the left is Benji) and I'm a huge collector of books and all sorts of other things. I also like to spend my free time finding some of the best websites out there, like Coin Site which is awesome for findng out about rare collectible coins. Do you have any sites that you like to frequent? Let me know on the contact form above! 

So as you can see in the heading above, I'm a huge book lover and I love collecting and reading all types of old and new books. I really think our generation is missing out on books these days! While I absolutely love technology and all the wonders it can bring to the world, I think we miss out on the touch and feel of a real good book in our hands.

If you like health and fitness, this is one of my favorite profiles to find awesome recipes and workouts. It's on the platform "MyFolio" so there are lots of colorful pictures and infographics.